Monastery Tuman

Monastery Tuman / distance from Villa 19km Vinci-> Golubac-> Village Dvoriste/  is located in the Golubac valley on the coast of the stream. The construction of this monastery, dedicated to St. Archangel Michael, is associated with the name of Milos Obilic, who at the time of Duke Lazar managed Branicevo area. Once, when Milos Obilic went hunting, he  accidentally wounded a hermit Zosim  who lived in a nearby cave. On the road to healer for the treatment, the old man feeling his end said, "TU MANI (meaning stop, leave it be) - leave me there to die". At the place where the old man died Milos buried his body and over the grave  built a church, now the monastery. While the monastery was constructed,  an invitation leter by the Duke came to him where Duke says that he has to go to the battle. TU MANI, (leave the construction of the monastery) and come to Kosovo. From twice TU MANI,  monastery was named Tuman.

No one knows the exact time of construction of the monastery. It first appeares in the registration from 1572 / 3. The registration  from the the late 16th century, the time of Sultan Murad III determines the location of the monastery near village Dvorište. In the second half of the 16th century,  a literary work was founded at the monastery - Tuman's apocryphal collection. During Koča's borderland, the monastery was burned by the Turks.  In 1966 Tuman  became women's monastery. There are now also some great guest houses, small living quarters, the hermitage above the chapel Venerable Zosim.