Rock Baba Kaj

Rock Baba Kaj / distance from Villa 12 km /

A detailed description of the George's rocks position founded in the travel notes from the 1893: ''Baba Kaj is the lonely and the top pointed rock, which rises above the water surface of 18 meters high. It stands as an outpost of the Danube Gorge, as the forerunner of many rocks above and below the surface, which hamper the passage of the gorge, stands as a reminder of the dangers that begin from there ''. The same text keeps the story that some Hungarians fled with the most beautiful woman in the harem of the Turkish aga, who commanded Golubac; a Turk ran after them and got them on the bank of the Danube; outraged husband took off his head and hang the hijacker to unfaithfull woman around the neck and he threw her to the rock and nailes her so crows and ravens would peck her, the eagles to slaughters her living flesh! - He shouted when he walked away from the rocks ''Babo Kaj se!'' And from that time the rock is called Baba Kaj. According the second interpretation, the name comes from Turkish: baba-father and kai-stone "father's stone" - a very appropriate name for the giant rock that dominates the entrance region of the Iron Door.

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