The statue of King Decebalus

The statue of King Decebalus / distance  from  Villa   59 km /

A   40m  high   and   25 m  wide sculpture - face od Dacian  king Decebal   carved   into  the  wall.

It is the last ruler of Dacia, which is surrounded by Trajan's troops in their capital  Sarmizegetusa.  He committed  suicide to avoid capture in 106 AD.

It was also a place  of  great Trajan  marched  Romans in Dacia, which  had long prepared  the construction  of the entire infrastructure in the Serbian, the right bank of the Danube (road, bridge, fortifications).

The sculpture was completed in 2004 by 12 stonecutters-climbers, after 10 years  of work. The  creation  of  the  Rock  was  done  with  dynamite  and pneumatic  hammers, and  the  total  cost  of  works  has reached a sum of million dollars.  The  sculpture Decebalus is the largest carved sculpture in Europe.  Decebalus's eye is about 4.3 meters long, and the nose is 7 meters long and 4 meters wide. It was  initiated  and  funded by Romanian tycoon and   amateur   historian    Joseph    Constantine    Dragan.  Therefore,  the inscription in Latin stands "Decebal Rex - Dragan fecit" ( "King Decebalus – made by  Dragan").

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