Zosim Hermitage

Zosim Hermitage / distance from Villa 19km Vinci->Golubac->village Dvorište /.

 Zosim lived in a cave, his ascetic life devoted to God. In the fifties of last century, the cave was adapted into the chapel, when the priest Pahomije decided to live a solitary life. At the entrance of the cave, there is a shelter with three divisions on the ground floor and five on the floor. Near the hermitage, a water source is located in the form of a small waterfall, and miraculous healing properties are  related to its water. Natural Monument tufa accumulation at Tuman monastery, classified in the third Category of protection as a natural monument, location -  250m above sea level. In a small space, a distance of about 200 m, there is a number of morphological structures such as waterfall  14 m high, several small waterfalls, spillways and tufa tub. The specificity of this monument of nature makes Zosim Hermitage in the tufa, fountain where some  people offer gifts for dead souls, old beech and oak forests.